Monday, November 15, 2010



On Friday someone decided to smash, destroy my beautiful (yes i said beautiful) Kona hardtail I picked as my prize a month ago. The frame is cracked. RIP Kona. We had three awesome rides together.  Even though we never were able to hit the trails together, you are were an awesome bike.  I decided to throw couple back Friday night and I was starting to convince myself that digging a hole cough(grave) for my bike was a good idea. Thanks to my buddy Marshall I now have a frame and I'll start to rebuild what I can.

Which now leads me to my embarrassing moment of the week! Its a good one guys...
This weekend I caught up on the call with a good friend of mine from Colorado.  We're chatting and she happened to remind me of a night a couple of months ago I said "the most stable relationship I've had is with my bike."