Monday, November 8, 2010

Stupid Decisions Make Funny Stories

I am declaring myself a walking disaster after hitting the heavy bag last Wednesday's night.
I now can add contusion, dislocation, and hematoma to my middle finger's knuckle to the list.
...It's least it's not broken
Let's just say I am not boxing for a few weeks and well I'll make sure I have some gloves with me for the next round

So by the time Friday rolled around, I NEEDED to ride. I went up to Ray's Indoor MTB Park in Cleveland and had some fun! They made some sweet improvement from what I saw last year. I rented a 29er single speed Trek and had some fun by taping up my hand and my hand and making it work.

Sunday I raced the Autumn Leaves 5 Miler. I know this probably sounds weird, but I was hoping to have a worse race performance than I did as for more motivation to train. I had a so-so race in the cold weather taking 2nd in age group with an top 10 female finish for sure.

I plan on ramping up my running again hopefully for one more than FAST 5k/10k before the end of the year.

Monday-Teaching a spin class and lifting-chest/back
Tuesday-Long run out at the trails in Monroe Falls for this Saturday's 5 Miler as part of the Ohio Outside Trail Series.
Wednesday-Trainer day and lifting