Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I B Spinnin

So Imma be deaf, blind, cant smell, cant taste, but not brain dead!
Im just a few brain cells short these days...Can you say Helen Keller??

Gotta take a little break. Never been good at that. Ever.
I did nothing last week and well I almost went crazy about to declare insanity.

So this week I busted out the torture device known as the trainer.

I think this weekend I am gonna race the Autumn Leaves 5miler in Kirtland. I had a so-so race there last yr and took 4 OA for women and got a free race registration. I need a wake-up call for my running. Ive been slackin. Nothing like a shitty short race performance to get myself back in gear.

On the plus side, I somehow pulled 15+% better on exams in two different classes this week. I am no longer failing a particular class. Less stressed so my headaches are getting better.

Long run this evening after a nap followed by 1+ lifting and some boxing with the heavy bag.