Sunday, January 2, 2011

Base Tra-trai-traning

Okay-I'm back on the bike.
There's something just something about 'the holidays' that is well kind of depressing. Over the break I am working part-time but with all the holiday craziness, I seem to both lose so much time to family obligations and lack of motivation that only hits me at the end of December every year.

What I've done:
1. Sounds stupid...BUT, I started tanning. in December. Why you ask? It makes me FEEL Good! I miss the sun. Fo real, fo reall. Fun fact: Colorado (most areas) have well over 300 (up to 330) days of sunshine. I miss thy state.
2. Did some different activities. Started actually rock climbing again, obviously indoors but its a start. I learned how to xc ski and went ice skating the another day. Kent State has an ice skating rink on campus..I'll be visiting during less crowded times for some hard skating. I am on my third month of regulated schedule for weight lifting and totally noticed the difference following a modified HIT high intensity training routine. It'll help alot as I hope to slowly get back into boxing for some fun. There's nothing quite like (pardon my French) beating THE shit 'properly' out of a nice est. 80lb. heavy bag. My hand needs about another 3 weeks then its back to the bag. Due to head injuries, I've been advised by well just about anyone who knows me to not spar anymore. Even though I can be extremely suborn, I think I am actually going to listen to this piece of advice.
3. Getting more sleep! After some lovely um head stuff I have been given something that is beginning to help me sleep. I broke this 'sub 4 hours in a row' curse I seemed to be in lately.

Base Training in 2011:
I attempted to start base training but fell off the waggon. Yesterday, New Years Day, marked the beginning with a nice 2 hr (1:56:??) ride around Kent, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Streetsboro, Ravenna, Hudson, and probably some other towns I am not even aware of. Before ending at home, I was riding through Kent and saw Five Guys a great burger joint basically down the street from me. I stopped and it ended up being one of the best burgers ever. Great New Years Day-no question about that!

Today I hit the gym for a nice 90-minute upper body lifting session followed by core work. Tomorrow I have planned a 3 hour endurance ride around noon...

Basically I decided there is a key factor for my training here in 2011.
I will be busy with work, school, and everything else in life but when it comes to training-I will have time, especially for my bicycles.