Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Start of January Training

1 Sat: 2hr ride-rain
2 Sun: 90min UB lifting, 30min Core
3 Mon: 1.15hr ride
4 Tues: 1hr ride am, 30min UB lifting, 2hr trainer ride pm
5 Wed: 4 hrs riding at Ray's
6 Thurs: 30min UB lifting, 1hr-trainer
7 Fri: 90min trainer ride, 30min core
8 Sat: 1hr trail run, soccer game (5mi), UB lifting 30min.

(Sun-Sat Total):
Bike Time: 12 1/4 hours riding
Run: 6 miles + (soccer=5mi)=11miles
Lifting: 3 hrs

Prior to Nose Breakage: OOPS
Tomorrow I am hoping to wake up early and get outside for a few hours. TBD. I might bail for the trainer because my first shift starts at 1130-330pm selling overpriced books to Kent State students followed by a shift at the Cafe closing. I don't want to over do it, but there is an endless supply of coffee waiting for me at the cafe.
Needless to say, Monday is my standard rest day probably for the rest of the semester. Kent State begins the spring semester on Monday and I do feel that I am ready. Bring it on.

So I like soccer. Soccer does not like me. I got kicked in the face by the soccer ball. Broke my nose again for the 4th time.