Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2: January

Coming into this week, I know I would have to take it easier with the nose fracture. By the way, I get to have it reset this upcoming Wednesday...A funny picture awaits!

It was just kind of a bummer overall to accomplish working three part-time jobs, reading ahead for 19credit hours, then no time for the bike or anything it seemed. I love to cook, its a passion of mind.  However I found myself eating two dinners by grabbing handfuls of cereal out of the box. So I need to find the time! My part-time at Dubois Bookstore is over for the semester. No more selling of overpriced books until maybe the next semester that is..So I will have some extra time indeed. A four day week alone is a reason to celebrate.

Breakdown of the Week
Sun 9: Dealing with a broken nose from Saturday's soccer game. I am starting to think that I did set it correctly.  Icing is taking place every 20 minutes-2 hours and swelling is looking better too.
I was planning on getting 3-4 endurance ride into today but it is now going to be a rest day pretty much is some minor lifting and core work.
Mon 10: On campus from 7am-10:45pm. Rest day. AND REPEAT MON-THURSDAY.
Tues 11: UB lifting 1 hr
Wed 12: NADA
Thurs 13: NADA
Fri 14: 1hr UB lifting, 45mins boxing. I felt great. My hand is healed and my intense lifting program is really paying off. My upper body feels stronger than ever. No doubt. For new years I bought on of those door frame pull-up bars. I might be the best thing I ever bought. I usually end up doing 30+ throughout the course of the day.
Sat 15: Min. 3 hours on the bike or ELSE!

In good news, I have everything set and planned for the Kent State Running Club this year. I'm looking forward for a successful semester. I also took it upon myself to start the Kent State Collegiate Cycling Club. There have been attempts by other individuals over the past semesters but I am determined to see both of these groups succeed. Kent State needs more exercise-health minded groups on campus to battle the crazy high percentage of on campus students who smoke then liter. All you need to know it look at the ground around Tri-Towers resident halls to know this is not over dramatic.