Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pending Nose Job and Multi-tasking at its Best

Nose Fracture-Good yet potential bad news. I'll say good. My ENT-Ear, Nose, Throat Doc-Steve (might sound informal but when you become a 'regular' to seems natural to call you by there first name) and along with xrays confirmed that I did indeed-um let's say-slightly messed up my nose when "attempting" to reset it. My nose is no longer straight thanks to the soccer ball and I can now add a deviated spectrum, bone spur, some cartilage damage (which appears minor) to the ever growing list of issues that is my nose including less than approx. 80% sensation AKA I can only smell one sense. I am dumbfounded to learn that I could screw it up even more
Do you have common sense? -No. Anyway the fracture is now healing rather quickly which leaves me with this: Wait roughly 6-9 weeks. After this point if the bone spur and deviated spectrum are still causing significant issues. I have to go in to have it re-broken. Sounds like good news, but then there is that anticipation of the fact that I might to go visit my favorite ENT Doc all knowing he is going to break-my nose-on purpose.
Someday once I stop all this foolish behavior, a nose job awaits. Maybe if I am lucky, I can beat the one last injury-prone record that is still held in my family. My dad someone had fractured his nose somewhere in the range of 10-13 times. Arguments arise when we try to trace exactly just HOW many times. 2 major nose injuries followed.

 More successful than last week that's for sure. I was able to breathe better and made it a point to make the time for my workouts this week, only needing to skip Tuesday evening due to homework-what else.

17 Monday-MLK DAY-continuation of my weekend off
18 Tuesday-Skipped Workout
19-Wed-1hr spinning in the am/1hr UB lifting/30min Boxing-heavy bag/30min running intervals
20-Thurs-2hr endurance spin and MULTI-TASKING/5-8 rep pull ups
21-Friday-3mi am run/Lower Body lifting
22-Sat-7mi-ish? run up in the North Chagrin Reservation/1hr UB lifting-30min boxing-30min running intervals+core work
23-Sun-good 1hr session on the trainer followed by core and a PR on my favorite pull-up bar 31.5 BAM
*Multi-tasking: Listening to my ipod, semi-watching/reading subtitles on the tele/while reading 4 chapters for my reading assignment