Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Movin Along...Slowly

Good week-Aced all three quizzes/exams and got all but one workout in that I planned.
I see improvements!

In three weeks or so I will start to add in speed workouts running. I took too much time off from running...Starting to regret it now-oh well.
Cycling front seems to be going well. Can't complain too much. I really shouldn't have missed that Thursday workout. Other than that-this weekend I either was training, eating, or writing/studying it seemed.

Here's the breakdown for this week:
24 Mon: Rest day
25 Tues: 1hr spin session, 1hr UB lifting
26 Wed: 4mi run in the AM
27 Thurs: Rest day-missed workout
28 Fri: Running intervals 45mins/UB lifting 45min/core work 30mins
29 Sat: Trail Run in CVNP with the Grunt Girls 90mins/90min MTB ride on the towpath-Kicked.My.Butt
30 Sun: Cycling-2hr20min outdoors + 40min spin on the trainer. Went to the gym to lift weights-Too tired. It actually must have been quite hilarious to watch. I had nothin' left!  I only lasted 15mins then did a short core workout afterwards.
31 Mon: Rest Day
1 Tues: SNOWDAY!! Great Upper Body weight session and core workout.  

Well, all day Saturday I have my a re-certification for CPR, AED, and First Aid that lasts till 4pm. Not leaving me a lot of time. I totally forgot that Sunday was SUPERBOWL Sunday-DUH. I could care less for professional Football but I do like those commericals!

Sunday hopefully I will have a nice, long ride through Cleveland. Snowboarding will once again have to be postponed. Next Sunday I am racing-well "running" I am NOT, IN NO WAY in racing shape, but it shall be fun. That's what it's all about! The Run with your Heart 15k in the North Chagrin Reservation is also for a great cause. I am excited!

Where's the Snowboard?
I guess that's just what happens...Some things are just more important than dodging trees while being strapped to a board. I now prefer to dodge trees while clipped into the pedals of a mountain bike. Oh how the times have changed. Snowboard excursion-Feb 26/27? Maybe. I am simply running out of time. I have two boards waxed and ready, they are totally being neglected.

February 18-20 is Women's Weekend at Ray's Indoor MTB Park. I can't wait. I should be quite the experience. I plan to ride all day Friday February 18. If you are going-let me know!