Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can't Do Everything

Sick and Stupid
Whenever I am starting to get sick, it usually happens to be at 'wrong' time. But is there a 'good' time to get sick?? I was smart this time though...Well kinda. I started coming down with some kind of bug last Wednesday after a good 7 miler run. Blah blah blah-took Thursday and Friday off. Then I was stupid. It's in my nature to be something like this I guess. I went to the OSU collegiate road race just West of Columbus this past Saturday....It just goes downhill from there. Well except for the 5% grade climb in the first HALF MILE OF THE START OF THE RACE...Anyone think this is a little strange?
The best part is that I thought the rain would come to an end when it misted as the start of the race approached. I changed my outerwear jacket. Just a minutes into the race, the rain came and arrived alright! There I was wearing NOT a waterproof jacket. I was soaked to the core then 44 cold miles later it was over. I curled up in a ball sitting in my car with the heat on full blast for 30 minutes. I had a lot of fun inspite of my stupidity. I rode with some girls from IU for the majority of it. After some thought I am sure this was coldest I have ever been on the bike. Some high gust winds with steady rain helped without a doubt..
Race Schedule
This past week I realistically tried to come up with a tentative race calendar. My problem is this: I like to do everything. But Ya Can't. Anyway I got real. Everything down till June is all about RAAM. I am going to do a few races building up till June but staying healthy and injury-free is key.

School is cool. Drugs are bad. They say stay in school...but for how long?
The question is...Masters VS. PH.D.
I have had some great advising appointments lately and the outlook is great. I was really worried my situation last semester would have really affect the overall outcome. I can't complain though. Things are great. I'll graduate with my Exercise Physiology degree in 4 years May 2012. I have even been told "Take whatever your heart desires as long as it is an upper-division course." ...My senior year could become interesting...

I'll even get a head start on graduate level courses through a bachelors-masters program here at Kent State. This summer in between everything else I will be studying for the GRE Exam and being the application progress for graduate programs in Exercise Physiology all over the country. In particular, I am looking at the University of Colorado at the Boulder campus, University of Northern Colorado (where I spent a semester), Penn State University, Delaware State University, and Kent State University. Ultimately I would like to specialize in human performance training and testing. I start to get stressed out when I think about it all...I need a GA (graduate assistant) position. If I am fortunate, maybe I will get an offer. I am already feeling burnout though. So do I take some "time off?" Will I ever go back if I do take time off?!?

I like school. School is cool. Especially if it is payed through a GA position....Oh I do I do hope I can gets me one!! (Typo on Purpose) Hah!

That's what going on these days. I thought it would be quite boring to write: Sleep. Eat. Training. School. Training. Eat. Sleep.Training. Eat. School.

P.S.: I promised myself to stop complaining about the weather for the rest of winter here in Cleveland. I mean c'mon it is not like it is a surprise anyway. Maybe I will just move in a year and be done with the grey skies and the constant rain or snow. Denver sounds good :)