Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Leadville-Yes Iceman

No Leadville Lottery
I got the 'We regret to inform you...." email this morning. Oh well-later there will be announced qualifying race somewhere in the Northeast region of the US.
Bright side-I registered for Iceman Cometh today! November 5 will be here in no time

Last weekend's Saturday long ride was interesting...95 miles was my limit. Good workout.

What's Goin On:
This evening I am spinning at "Ride & Workout" in Lakewood with Snakebite Racing crew and Wednesday evening I will go on an easy run with the KSU Run Club and hitting the weights afterwards. Thursday I will be doing a VO2 max test on the bike at Kent State as a demo for a cardio grad class. This Saturday is the road race at Ohio State for MWCCC. Those are the highlights..