Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luck Of The Irish

I was way too excited this past Saturday night when I met Marshall to pick up my newly painted awesome Leprechaun explosion on a MTB Frame. He was kind enough to paint it for me. I had a hard time at first when thinking about a design.

My Irish heritage has always meant a lot to me and I wanted to include it. Both my parents are my Irish descent and I like to joke saying that I had the luck of the Irish with past injuries.

The Irish Clover-
The clover itself is an unique symbol. The three leaves present the holy trinity that is at least how St. Patrick described it to the Irish Catholics prior to his death on March 17...
Ironically the frame was finished just in time for St. Patrick's. This frame replaces the attempted-stolen-broken-frame Kona. On the bottom tube I asked Marshall to put on 'Cant Break Me'. A little play on words there... I love riding and nothing is going to stop that...Even when my another bike was damaged.

Oh get this-night trail rides this Spring will be sweet..The white clovers glow in the dark. No losing me!!

That's it for now. I am hoping to have it built up by Sunday. Couple nice rides planned this week and next with it finally being my Spring Break. Riding towards the valley this afternoon. It looks to be a nice day outside.