Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crazy Weekend

The Team Hope fundraiser was a success at Bilo's Bar & Grill this past Saturday night!
Thank you everyone for the support! It truly means a lot that and to our cause of safe drinking water and Blue Planet Network!

Sunday was an interesting day...
It started out normal. In the early evening Andre, Larry, Josh, Kat, and me met up for a RAAM practice run through as we practice signs and symbols with rolling day relays and stopped night relay exchanges.

On the way home, Josh and I were shocked when a deer hit my passenger's side door. Everything is okay...well I had a minor freak out and the deer lost 2 legs I think but the car, Josh and I were fine. Once again I forgot the venison. I could have eaten for months!

The parentals tried to put me into more shock with an early (next May) graduation present. I still feel like it is a bad April Fool's day joke. I don't think I'll believe once I see the bike.

Two days of a summer class camp then its back to the real world! I really love this class though. Its called Learning to Lead. I signed up thinking it will be an easy three credit hour course but I am really learning and taking away a lot from it...I also have had permission to ride the trails and access roads out here..I'm not letting the rain ruin my week! Wellll I did slide out on a wet foot bridge = nice cherry on a right leg. As my friend said, it makes me look hardcore! Hah.

Training this week:
Mon: 90mins of interval training last night on the trainer during the lightning show
Tues: 2- 1hour mtb rides, core/strength work
Tomorrow morning I am looking at a 6am wake up for 2.5 hr session on the trainer.

This upcoming week I am going with my parents down to Cinci to visit my best big brother! We don't get to spend time with each other with our schedules. Needless to say I am excited for a 2 day semi-vacation.

That's all folks.