Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Procrastinating Studying for Finals Makes Me Wanna Blog..

So Tuesday I thought about bailing on the Westlake Criterium. The only thing I really like in the rain is a nice long trail run. There's something so peaceful about it. I guess I feel one of nature for a brief moment...
Anyway I sucked it up and went since I needed a detour to Sville. I know I never would have road outside otherwise. was a tempo ride! I had no legs. I guess I was expecting a gradual warm. Not the case. I did come home and actually finished my intervals on the trainer though! Does that count?

Wednesday-The sun appeared today. I think next winter I am investing in one of those handy dandy sun lamps. My apartment was starting to feel like a dark cave of sorts. Anyway great ride that is after I gave it to some guy who had the nerve to cut me off at Willow & Rt. 59 in Kent. I was traveling straight he turned left INTO me. Nice guy. For once I was going to keep my mouth shut and avoid the exchange of words but this Redneck rolled down his window in his truck (IS IT JUST ME OR IT IS ALWAYS SOMEONE IN A GOD DAMN TRUCK). He started to stream ignorant things and  cussing me out...To put it nicely, I flipped. I sprinted down his ass to Rt. 59 and Water and gave it to him. Great warm-up! I got my heart rate and the legs ready to go and everything..20 miler outside..Getting ready to go to lift at the gym. I'll finish it off with an uneventful evening of studying on the trainer. The End.

Two more finals. I looks like I'll survive to see yet another fun semester at Kent State.