Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Recap & Preview

Thursday night was the Team H2Ope RAAM team fundraiser in Twinsburg at Panini's Bar & Grille. We had a respectable fundraiser and I wanted to thank everyone who came out to support our team's cause on behalf of Blue Planet Network. It seriously means a lot :) Basically YOU ROCK!!

This past Friday I went down with some friends [Andre, Cassie, and Larry] to Springfield, Ohio for Calvin's Challenge to race in the 12hr TT. Sometimes things don't workout well. I had some GI issues Saturday. Conclusion-I rode on an empty stomach for 101mi then went bought a gallon of Gatorade, passed out, and came back to life. I feel like I can ride through just about anything now...Not riding at the end allowed me to crew at the end for some riders who needed a little assistance.

Cassie, Andre, Larry, and myself shacked up. I cannot remember the last time I laughed that much. I will never think of monkeys, bats, and farm puzzles the same way ever again. I think that sums it up. Thanks guys for a great weekend.

Today I was late to the start of the Vulture's Knob downhill since it was on the way to a family function. Kind of disappoint because I wasn't even allowed to just ride it. I did just one lap of the knob before I had to spilt. My lil cuz had his baptism today. His older sister got her first 'big kid' 14" Tinkerbell bike. I cannot wait to see her riding.

Tonight I am hopping on my new trainer thanks to Kevin Kimmach! I never thought being on facebook 24/7 would ever benefit me. Thanks again Kevin, I really appreciate and it will go to good use!

Weekly Workouts:
Thursday- UB lifting, 1hr quick ride
Friday-rest day
Sunday-VK 1 lap, UB lifting, 50mi recovery-ish ride

This upcoming week I had more free time BUT I also need to study for finals Tuesday-Friday. Tuesday night is the beginning of the Westlake Worlds Series. I might make it out there... Thursday night I will at the Crooked River Trail Runners group run. This Friday I am debating about riding out to Erie, PA from Kent since I have a duathlon at Presisle Island Saturday morning-TBD. Andre mentioned it and it sounds like a good idea.

That's all folks