Friday, July 1, 2011

Now that RAAM is over I should be resting...that has never been an easy thing for me.

Luckily I am four days into a steroid and antibiotic to combat a respiratory issue. Breathing is getting better and I am coughing less. Too stubborn to sit and rest, I have gotten in two chill rides and two light sessions at the gym.
Yesterday The Strongsville Post, today The Sun Newspaper is interviewing Diana, Trish, Andre, and I about RAAM so we can bring awareness to Blue Planet Network and Drink Local Drink Tap-our cause for the 7 days, 21 hours, 31 minutes bike race.
This evening Trish and I are attending a benefit for Drink Local Drink Tap out at Pug Mahones in Lakewood. Here's some information about the event!

TO AFRICA we go for 1 month to FILM and get the water committee and last preplanned stages finished to GET THESE 700 students and 2,500 families water....Bring your love and smiles, have a drink, order some food and spend a few hours with us before we depart the first week of July! If you can’t make it, please considering donating at and sign up for email alerts at to follow us on our journey.

This weekend I plan on trying to take it easy-well kind of :)

Saturday: I might do a lap or two at West Branch to get back out on the mountain bike after moving most of my gear back to Kent.

Sunday: I will be training running easy with the Grunt Girls at Sunday Red lock trail head on Vaughn Rd.
Time: 8 a.m for an out and back on the Buckeye Trail

Monday: I plan on hanging out at the Medina Twin Sizzler and snapping some pictures