Friday, August 26, 2011

ADR Around the Corner..

September 16 is the beginning of the fun known as adirondack 540 in upstate NY. Training has been so-so as my work schedule sometimes feels like it might kill me. I even worked at all 3 part timers today...I'm able to ride around 15 hours a week making them count and my running has increased to about 7 hours a week. I haven't increased running mileage quite like I have recently and its taking its toll.

Sunday though we be my second running race of the year- Cleveland's West Road Runners Club 10k Interclub Challenge at Hinkley...KSU Running Club is representing,

Monday I start my final year here at Kent. By May I'll be ready to move out of the state...well at least I think. North Carolina sounds so good right now. I actually started studying before the first day of classes. It's weird how motivation can do that sometimes.

Manatoc is coming up soon too. I'll be riding as much as possible..soaking up time on 'forebidden trails'

That's All-