Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nothin Too Excitin

I get now ready to admit I am ready for school. I don't know if its the fact that I am starting my last year of school (senior-undergrad) at Kent State or that I am one year closer to moving.

Last weekends trip to App State was awesome and it was now my first choice be far. Everything about the town (Boone, NC), college, and program is amazing. I was totally blown away. I mean when I went to Colorado and i was expecting the typical 'colorado' town and then got to Greeley 'more like cow town' Colorado. I guess I didn't have overwhelming high expectations for Boone. Get this-people ACTUALLY like the college sport teams at Appalachian State...go figure...Kent-Hah!

The trip was exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things. Motivation is a wonderful thing. I already have my notebooks, binders, and folders purchased, labeled, and of course organized courses by different colors. I even put in an order for my books today...The kicker: I even started reading a text book...for fun?! Ah.. I hope I feel the same way in 2+/15weeks of the fall semester!

I took a break off the bike for a few days. Felt pretty good. 1 session running and 1 session in the gym that's it. I needed it too. I never quite realize it until I'm tired as hell.

Yesterday my legs didn't know what was going on when 'attempted' intervals took place....Cheeze-its prior to riding well it wasn't my smartest decision ever either.

Yesterday began the 360/400 wk on a weak note. It started good with a morning gym workout that I'm feeling today with a short run. I had planned for 2-3hours out at West Branch but I wasn't thinking when I packed up my gear. No spare tubes = 15min ride, 20 min walk back to the car, 20 min drive home pissed myself.

Tonight the plan is 4 hours followed by 1 hr strength & conditioning. Tomorrow morning I will probably want to kill myself with what I have planned.. 2mile run to gym-1hr -2mile run home- 2 hours on the bike...its an easy ride though? hah!!!!! Normally I would atleast break it up but theres only so much I can do. Knowing that the weekend is shot as I will be in Chicago.

The End.