Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bmx Video-Redline Cup-Weekly Workouts

Drew Bezanson on Vimeo is a great watch. It makes me feel like my trips to Ray's MTB Park pretty weak after watching this!

Since we're talking BMX...ABA BMX has released the lineup for Redline Cup
I am attempting to add these race to the schedule-
February 19: Dayton Indoor BMX (Dayton, OH)
April 15: 4130 BMX Park (Canton, OH)
May 27: Hazelton City View BMX (Hazelton, PA)
July 15: Lebanon BMX (Lebanon, PA)
July 21: Winchester (Winchester, VA)*

Back to those weekly workouts..
Monday I got in a great gym workout in the morning hours. Solid 3 hours between cross-training, intervals on a spin bike, running intervals, and some upper body lifting.
Tuesday began with 1hr gym session. Once I got out of work, I was extremely fatigued. Ended up skipping the SBR Ride+Workout Spin to chill and rest.

Wednesday (today) I was a high intensity spin class followed by a weight session~ 2.5hrs
Mileage is up to 18,669 miles. 331 TO GO
This weekend I have more long rides planned:
Friday 11am-4pm in CVNP
Sunday 9am-2/3pm in CVNP

Misery loves company. If you like a slow numbing pain of winter rides, come join the fun.

Above is an example of bike hoarding...Left to right (1) Cervelo S3 road bike (2) Intense XL Expert BMX race bike (3) Single Speed Park Shamrock MTB (4) Gary Fisher HiFi 65 Deluxe (5) Motobecane Fantom CX. Missing: old school antique rides and my trust rusty Raleigh Cadent 1.0 "the winter road ride."