Friday, December 30, 2011

Year In Review

Every year since age four my parents write a Christmas card to family and friends. This is my version. Not one to send snail mail and since I start this whole thing to keep in touch with friends and family before facebook was practically existed here is my year in review. Typos runons n all.

The older I get it seems like time somehow manages to fly by a little faster each year...
2011 didn't disappoint and was quite eventful...Started with a broken nose where I skillfully deviated my own septum~takes mad skillz, volunteering and RAAM training took over what was left of my average college lifestyle...Dude: "Yo you drinkin tonight?!" Me: " sorry. I have a 6am training ride.< insert ( awkward silence via phone call or convo in person )... Me: Then I will drink my protein drink." What took over was RAAM. I am still trying to come up with a funny acronym for it. It cannot be summed up in a word-sentence-paragraph-anything that is, unless you experience it yourself. I was excited for the cause-doing something I enjoy for something meaningful and made a positive impact to others. Along the way I guess I hoped to find out why I want to do such things. It leaves you feeling chewed up and spit out -yet- wanting more of it. I spent the the remaining part of the summer like most people working & the day-to-day activities and burying myself on the bike for two months.Then mid-October hit... " I knew I was in the best shape ever once I was out of shape." I guess I new found love of microbrews has not exactly helped me there...School and work were first. It still astounds me though how if you truly give your body a rest just how well you bounce back & everything somehow comes full circle. Started the year with a fracture and I had x-rays to show I injured my wrist..I blame my "Sports ADD" for that which I apparently broke two year ago-unknowingly. When things are taken away from you or jeopardized that's when you know what's important. If you know me well, ya know my crazy dog Bella is my sidekick. Christmas was put into perspective when she began ill starting destroying a 5 hour energy drink and Advil...wanted to copy me? Anyway she like many of my dogs growing up through the years has multiple lives and bounced back and is doing fine now. Even my hazmat-gonna check the hep-bumper stickers holding it together car is still kickin. I even managed to temporarily break my driver's side door yesterday.
As 2012 approaches-it has a lot to live up to~B.S in Exercise Science @ KSU~RAAM 2012~new car?~GRAD SCHOOL-big bro getting married, I am ready and looking forward to it.

You may have caught on in my earlier December posts that I was closing in on 19k for all outdoor and indoor riding this year. A quite meaningless accomplishment to most but to me I'm pretty happy. Finished this evening-unfortunately on the trainer-it was one of the better trainer rides I've had to my surprise.

Hope the holidays have treated all of you well. I wish you a safe and healthy new year.