Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SBR-Barry Roubaix-PAC Tour

This past Saturday was the Snakebite Racing holiday party...great evening catching up with friends, food, and a year in review...Getting ready for next season!

A few months ago, Cassie told me about the McSweeney Scholarship opportunity. The scholarship covers training for a week in Northern Arizona in the PAC Tour. Keep it in mind for next season!

Recently added to my race schedule is the Barry Roubaix in late March up in good ole Michigan.
I had planned on attending last year but life happens and I did not make it. This year- it's a must!

...My friend Pam posted how her bikes are taking over...Check out her Blog on the list. good stuff
I might need to do my own spin off....What's happens when there's six bikes in a one bedroom apartment...

Not sure if I should be excitement or embarrassed- I reached 10,184~ miles on the road to date this year. Indoor on either the trainer/spin bike I rode an estimated 8,245~ miles to date for a grand total of 18, 429 MILES. Just 571 miles to go in 24 days...I THINK I CAN for 19,000. Can my time be better spent?

I think it's safe to say I reached my real goal out driving between two cars.

I love how at the end of every semester...my blog posts increase. Funny how that works