Monday, January 23, 2012


Cleveland actually feels warm lately...Oh and the sun decided to make an appearance..1 hour later-crazy storm occurs...1 hour later the temperature drops by 20 degrees. Just crazy.

January has been hectic and busy but good by all means.

Last weekend was the Run for Regis trail half-marathon which turned into a 8 mile chill jog + 5 mile hike after a mild ankle sprain. Quite an enjoyable day with friends :)

Some serious time has been spent in the gym and on the bike indoor and outdoors!

This Thursday Bicycle Dreams makes its way to Cleveland Heights for a viewing that benefits local youth programs...February 3-4 is the CLE RAAM Seminar....and I am assisting in an attempt to find 36 cyclist to assist with the Cleveland Marathon hand cycle & wheel chair division. If anyone has questions, send me an email at

The first race of the year appears to be Barry-Roubaix in MI...Unfortunately I won't be at Calvin's Challenge this year...I technically 'walk' that day for graduation.

That's it for now.