Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Long Ride on the Season

Yesterday Andrew and I did what was most likely the last long ride of the season. Afternoon a workout session at the gym I met Andrew for a bike ride.

No purpose or goal through out the ride just a easy-moderate pace through the Tallmadge-Kent-Brimfield area. For Andrew it was probably moderate effort because he pulled all except a 1/4 mile. Many of the roads I have never ridden on. If you are looking for the worst road in Portage county then talk to him. He has probably found them.

The best part of the ride was the Mogadore Reservoir. We rode on this single track trail curving around the waters edge right around sunset. We continued around and hit some other roads such as Sunnybrook, Route 43 for a portion, etc.
Right:(Chucking my bike in the lake)

We finished with a solid sprint probably hitting 28 mph or so down Parker Lane. If our finish line (his driveway) was 10ft shorter, I would have had him! Sooo close...Finished the night eating a whole pizza between the two of us. We had to eat all the calories we just burned and watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Great night.

Spinning Class (45mins)
Alt. Train (30-45mins)
Lifting (back/shoulders)
Strength (core focus with planks, stability ball, captain chair, V-ups, star jumps, bicycle kicks, some Pilate's moves, wall sits)