Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Madeira, Hyde Park, and Tour de Grandview Heights

This past weekend I went down to Cincinnati for races Friday and Saturday night then to Columbus on Sunday afternoon.

Madiera Crit:
This was a really cool course but really didn't suit me. There were 2-180 turns back to back, cross a set of railroads tracks and then take a sweeping right, left, left then another sweeping right back across the finish line to the 180 again.
The reoccuring theme for the weekend for me was surviving.  There were alot of strong riders in all three races. Most of the riders being cat 1/2. I have respect for any new female rider who gets thrown into an open women race.

Anyway after I dropped off the field, I formed a 4 man chase pack pushing just enough not to get lapped. The race director thought we have might cause a problem with the final sprint so we were told our last lap 2 before hand. I had pulled the lap prior so I sat in after the 180 turn. As the sweeping rigt turn came up I made my move and put 20 ft between and the second rider. There was a slight uphill sprint. So I did what I could. I had been under the impression that 2 of the other riders were cat 3. They just happened to be quite experienced cat 4's. Finished 16th on the day.

Hyde Park Blast:
Big turnout, some really great racers.
This was more than a race...It was a HUGE PARTY! it was awesome to see so many people out for the event. There were street venders, elite run race, and probably one of the best 80s bands ive ever seen!
Back to the course: 180 start but much wider and fluid than Madeira. Next was a straight stretch then a left turn alley climb, right downhill, sweeping right back into a straightaway that led into the 180.

Tour de Grandview:
I think the fact I had rode this course about a year ago "for fun" helped me out. Grandview is known for its climb which I honestly thought wasn't bad. Im a hill/climb snob. I guess thats what happens when you climb in Colorado. The heat however just murdered me. Ya know its a good, hard effort if you start to taste blood roughly 10 minutes in to a race...I finished 14th on the day.

The best moment of the weekend was finishing Grandview and my buddy Gary was ready to handed off an ice, cold water bottle. I poured it straight on my head. So refreshing.
So there it is, i survived my first three races after movin up to cat 3.

Friday: 30mi
Saturday: 30mi
Sunday: race + 5mi (cooldown was the last thing on my mind)
Monday: REST
Tuesday: 8mi=3mi am run (2mi @ 6:45 pace) + 5mi trail run in the pm
Wednesday: est. 82mi= 50mi (sville-lakewood) + 32 mi (commute to berea brick+ group ride)

Upcoming few days:
Thursday-pretty easy overall. Some weight training in the am, yoga in the afternoon, and a 60-90mins easy ride in the valley
Friday- training ride with intervals
Saturday/Sunday-long run, mountain bike ride @ reagan park, and hopefully another 2 hrs road cycling (maybe)
Monday-must needed REST DAY
Tuesday- Westlake Crit