Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I LOVE Long Weekends!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!

Saturday- I made a trip down to Mochican State Park with some friends for mountain biking. To be honest, I thought one lap would be nothing. I was sooo wrong. I got off on the wrong foot by forgetting to switch out spd to crank brothers on my shoes. After some fun about 1 mile in, turn around back to the parking lot and fixed the problem.  All was well until...bridge. Couple seconds later and a superman-like jump off I landed safely on the side of a hill. Whats another bruise on my knee anyway.
Eventually we got lost and found a main road cutting the first lap a little short. Great riding overall

Sunday I went out to the Twin Sizzler to cheer on my Grunt Girl Teammates. Pam and Trish a.k.a. "long girl" rocked!!  Pam took third in the women's expert race!! Great job ladies to the whole GGR Team! I know alot of women put in some good mileage for the upcoming Buckeye Trail 50k in two weeks.

Monday-I tackled and survived a mtn bike ride at West Branch in Ravenna, Ohio.  Tried some more technical trails and felt pretty good. I had one good slip through a rock garden on the last section. I have a nice bruise on my left arm for awhile :)

Grunt Girl Photoshoot!!!!
I had such a great time Monday night!! It was awesome to get almost our whole race team together and havin a great time doin so. I am defiantly not photogenic!

Thursday-weights (am), yoga (afternoon), EASY training ride (18 miles)
Friday-est. 42 miles-road bike
Saturday- mtb @ mohican, 5mi run
Sunday- EASY training ride (16 miles)
Monday- mtb @ Reagan

Up Next: Tour of the Valley starts Friday!!