Sunday, July 25, 2010


Its been a week since I hurt myself at the Buckeye 50k and luckily I did not tear any tendons and my ankles are starting to go back to normal colors.
I have been taking it easy-but yesterday (SAT) was too much.

Wednesday-1hr threshold ride
Thursday-90min training ride, 30 min -lifting/boxing
Friday-boxing,core/strength, upper-body lifting
Saturday-23mi training ride of the greater Cleveland tri course in Mentor

My sports-med doc and I had made compromise of sorts on Wednesday. I really did not want to have to walk around with 2 air casts so I was given a pair of black, hard-sole walking shoes (aka Duck Feet).
Ive been good-wearing them, elevating my feet when possible and of course icing.  The best part is the fact that cycling shoes also have a hard sole sooo with a good tape job, I can cycle.

After Saturday, I body had just had enough.  I have never been so useless, lazy, and TIRED after an moderate training ride before ever. I even slept 13.5 hours last night -insane right?

-Sunday- a complete and total rest day
-(2mr) Monday- (if I'm up for it) Eddy's sweet corn course ride