Monday, July 26, 2010

I hate bad drivers

Today I had a not-so-friendly encounter with a horrible driver right down the street from my house. I was quite shocked as we rolled up to an intersection and she actually bumped me. I wasn't hit hard but it still pisses me off. 100ft from an intersection where the driver was turning right and I was proceeding straight, she decided that I could not be in front of her, as if I was slowing her down.  She tried to pass me then suddenly realized like it just appeared there's a STOP SIGN. She cuts back over immediately and even looked back after hearing the sound of ME bumping into the car.

The driver looks, then of course speeds off as I try to chase her (I didn't keep up exactly). So I am left with this. Shes middle-aged, dark-brown hair w short hair cut and drives a silver Toyota Camry. Yeah so that limits to like EVERY other car on the road.

Conclusion: I don't like being hit and I hate rude bad drivers