Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rays, Snow, & Races Around the Bend

This past weekend was Women's weekend at Ray's Indoor MTB Park. My weekend started early Friday morning with a trip to Ray's there at 9am to begin a all day riding session.
Most of you know I am a college student and well I have one class on Friday. I sent a link to the event to my professor and he accepted it as an excused absence. What a great start of the weekend!
Rays MTB Park:
Friday 9:30am-4:30pm
Saturday 10-1pm
Sunday 4-?

Monday Cleveland got hit with another snow storm..probably 6 or so inches where I live. I am little disappointed because I was hoping to get outside this week riding...Roads most likely won't be clear till Thursday at the earliest.. Just looked up the forecast Thurs & Friday will have light snow showers. This weekend I WILL ride outdoors. I will be putting in 4+ hours in on the bike Saturday morning starting around 8-9 depending on the weather. If it is still bad-I might switch the ride to Sunday but I'll add on a hour for being a wuss about it.

Training this past week so pretty good considering...My computer's hard drive crashed late Monday night. I lost everything including 4 papers that we due this past week. So a few days later and a new hard drive, few less hours of sleep, coffee and a red bull later. I got it done. I even got in my workouts but had to shorten and modify them a little. Sunday morning I took my dogs out for the first 3 mile jog/hike of the year. They hung in there and fell asleep on the way home. So cute!

Races are around the corner here. The Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (MWCCC) is starting. The closest race weekend is March 5/6 at OSU. It should be fun. I really would like to go up to Michigan for the Barry-Roubaix style road race. I'll see if it happens. I am on the fence about doing either 1) shamrock 15k 2) catch a leprechaun 15k march 6...Time will tell.