Sunday, February 13, 2011

Run for Your Heart Trail Challenge and Other News

Weekly Workout Breakdown:
Mon 7: Track workout then finished w bike intervals/core work/UB lifting
Tues 8: Cross-training
Wed 9: bike workout @ Ohio Indoor Cycling 6-8pm
Thurs 10: 2.5hrs spin
Fri 11: weight training/core workout/1hr ride outside (pretty nice outside)
Sat 12: Feeling a little off-decided to take a rest day after all
Sun 13: 15k trail race then a ride this afternoon and core work

Today was the second annual Run for your Heart Trail Challenge 8k/15k.  I raced the 15k trail race starting in the back with Christa. We both said, "I am going to race this" "This is just for training" "I have no expectations". Well after a slow start in the single track and my watch starting beeping because my heart rate was not at 100bpm yet, the interval run began! We spent the first 8k of the race passing in the deep snow on the sides of the trail. Once we hit 9k we got caught in a faster paced group and I was starting to feel it. I slowed down knowing THE CLIMB was approaching. The pack broke up and I was able to move up a little bit eventually settling in knowing I was going to hit my max. Just after the 7 mile marker, Gale who told me my place and then I through the HAMMER DOWN (I've been on this MC Hammer kick lately). In the last 2.2 miles approximately I averaged a heart rate of 185bpm running with this one women and made the pass after the 8 mile marker. My finish had to be funny to watch. I did the one thing you never really want to do. I looked back-like every few second just to check. The last 500 feet stretch to the snowy trail finish had me laughing. I joked before the start of the race saying I will do the "Chariots of Fire" run into the finish since it was videotaped. I did alright. My footing was horrible, just able to catch myself before falling. In the last 2.2mi, I moved up to places taking 4th female overall. I'm stoked. I honestly did not think I could bring it after taking too much time off running in the late fall/early winter. I love making progress!

This is a great event. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it next year. Keep in mind that conditions change the terrain. I know many racers had to watch the footing of the semi-packed snow that was about a foot wide. By the way...Did anyone else just want to slide down on your butt on the downhill before the castle??? Next training ride in the North Chagrin Reservation-you'll know what I'll be doing!

The Grunt Girls rocked! GGR had a great turnout for both volunteers and racers and fun had by all! Volunteers really are the ones who help make it happen.

The Grunt Girls (and Guys!) always seem to be the first to arrive and last to leave. I love how races and training practices become social hour. Shot out to Lee and Christa for taking 1st and 2nd Female Overall in the 15k distance as well. Best of all, it benefited a great charity and all proceeds do directly to the Center of Families and Children in Cleveland and it was fun!!! I am totally feeling the post-run awesomeness!

I have pictures posted on Facebook! Check 'em out!

In other NEWS!

I recently joined Team Hope in a 4-person relay for Race Across America (RAAM).

Team H20pe is a group of passionate cyclists who have connected at various races, bike shops and charity rides. Andre Husain, Team Manager, had a dream of competing in The Race Across America (RAAM) and shared that with various riders he met along the way. Sharing his dream with others sparked excitement, and led to the formation of the team. The current members of Team H20pe include racers Andre Husain, Martin Lortin, Alex Galindo, Larry Smith, Sara Harper. We're also lucky to have an experienced RAAM veteran as our crew chief, Kathleen Espino.
As the dream evolved within the group, we found a common passion other than cycling. We have a deep desire to bring safe, clean drinking water to those in need. So, Team H20pe was created. Team H20pe is on mission to raise funds and awareness about the pressing need for clean, safe drinking water that over 1.1 billion people on the planet face today.
This is our first time competing in this cross continental journey called RAAM, an epic event that will cover 3,000 miles and climb over 100,000 feet. We will ride 350-500 miles per day racing from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis Maryland, 24 hours a day until we reach the finish line.
It's our team mission, along with our partner on this quest Blue Planet Network, to establish safe drinking water in a community this year and for years to come.

For more information, visit