Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to School

Of course I get sick once I start to hit the books again...
I ended up doing a gym workout Saturday night instead of the 5k road race and skipped the early morning trail run Sunday because I felt like sleeping in. I did go to Ray's Indoor MTB Park to test out the new ride and mess around on one of the dirt jumpers..Just a few things to change but it felt great to ride sick or not!

This weekend I know a lot of races were taking place from Barry in Michigan, Fools 25k/50k, and Mid-Ohio. I hope everyone had a good time!

This week it's all about school work. It always gets in the way of having fun. Hopefully I'll bounce back quick and I won't miss too many workouts...I should have taken it easier last week. Oh well.

By the way...Lee is a BEAST and set a new PR on the 50k Fools course!!! Great job yesterday and I wish I could have been there you cheer on you and the other Grunt Girls!