Monday, April 11, 2011

April+School=Death Month

April has been an interested month so far. I have been swamped with projects, papers, and everything possible it seems. Tonight I am hoping to finish up my 9th/10th papers which all have been due within a two week period of each other. I am so excited that I don't want to get started just quite yet...

The only thing that has kept me even more busy these past few weeks is preparing for RAAM!!
The team has been working hard as we approach 60 days left till the start. Saturday Andre, Larry and me went door-to-door asking businesses to donate items on behalf of our Twinsburg Fundraiser coming up on Thursday, April 28 from 8pm-12am.

I got out for my first trail ride on the shamrock bike on Sunday out at Quail Hollow for 4 quick laps before losing light. It felt great! I can't wait for the trails to dry out and get out there again...
This Sunday I will be at Steel City Showdown in Pittsburgh racing on some bridges which will be an awesome time indeed! Next Saturday I will race at Races At The Lake (RATL) then on Easter Sunday I am planning an epic emerald necklace loop ride starting at 7am.

I have decided to pass on Cohutta Big From 65 on April 30 because:
(1) I apparently need to relearn the US Map. I did not realize it was 11 hours away.
(2) Camping is fun but I do not want to feel like death before the race begins..
(3) Calvin's Challenge in Springfield, Ohio is the same day. This is a 12 hour challenge where my Team H2Ope teammates will get in some practice riding prior to RAAM.

After Calvin's it's out to Erie, PA for a duathlon!

That's it yo.