Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Real Break on Spring Break

I have never been good at taking it easy or slowing down. I only sat down and watched one television show over break. I spent the majority of the break getting in some killer workouts in between working on fundraising efforts for Team H2Ope for Race Across America. The last three days I have been spending hours going door-to-door to businesses in Strongsville asking for donations that can in turn be raffled off to benefit Blue Planet Network for the May 21 Bilo's Bar fundraiser. It has well worth the effort. Between Trish and myself we collected over $2000 worth in donations! The support in Strongsville has been over-whelming and I cannot thank the community and local businesses enough :)

I have a few more stops here in Strongsville in the morning before I make my way to Twinsburg to assist Larry, another Team H2Ope racer, in fundraising efforts in Hudson and Twinsburg for the April 28 fundraiser at Panini's in Twinsburg. We will be back at it on Saturday too.

Mon-delayed ride but I got it in and made it count
Tues-Snakebite Spin +TXR workout
Wed-am run + bike workout with some tempo work to help keep from freezing my butt off. Next time I will over dress. Killer wind in the evening. Ran into Michelle and Steve in Berea and chatted for some.
Thurs-track workout+cycling intervals+sub max weights then a cool down. I will sleep well.
Fri-early gym workout in the morning and probably a moderate ride in the early evening/trainer ride

I am thinking about running a 5k-10k this Saturday to change things up. I haven't been training for the distance but it just sounds fun. I was thinking about Mid-Ohio but I don't want to drive to Columbus to find out 1-it's a small women's field 2-I haven't finished a pile of homework for next week. Anyway, not sure on a run just yet. Saturday I will get in another 4 hours in probably splitting into 2 rides am/pm. Sunday is looking like a trail run day.

That's what going on these days. Oh if you are looking for some misc entry level road bike parts-see the tab at the top. I am trying to do some spring cleaning.

83 days till RAAM