Friday, July 15, 2011

BMX in the future and Adirondack 540 is a GO

Wednesday was good. A few miles of what I had planned but a good ride none the less.
Thursday evening I went out to the Akron BMX night at Derby Downs. I see a full face moto helmet and some fun on the 20" in the future

Friday  in early morning I joined Cassie for a nice ride. Not too much but enough. Sure my legs feel it which is the point and to bury myself tomorrow at Vulture's Knob. I will learn how to ride even when I am fatigued as hell. Here's the plan for the course: We ended up riding in and out of Kent and eventually got on the hike n bike off of Hudson Rd for a nice ride. Probably next Thursday/Friday I'll try the route above.

Saturday I will stop at the Buckeye 50k to cheer my friends on before driving down to Wooster for some real fun for a hot afternoon mountain bike endurance race.

Adirondack 540. Its official. Andre and I are racing the 2-man team and want to break the record of 42H:34M set in 2009. Now its time to plan the logistics of that trip. Hopefully my professors wont be me being MIA for 2 days...

On a side note: The Kent State Running Club is getting back together starting Monday, August 15 at 6 PM at the student center. All undergraduate, graduate, staff and faculty are welcome. The group has runners of all ability levels and runs are modified depending on what the group decides to run. Email me at if your in kent and would like to run. Also check out

I am also looking for old bikes to be donated to the Freedom House in Kent ( Cycling is a great way to keep them active and it also vital for transportation to and from work. If you have old bike parts, bikes, or time to donate to help out. Please email me at Instead to pitching that bike that is never used in the garage reuse and recycle it and put it to good use.