Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Monday 11
Training for Adirondack 540-Gallop begins today. I have just 66 days to do work. The course profile of the race consists 7500ft of climbing in 1 lap alone.

Lucky for me the fall semester does not begin until August 29. Once week 2 rolls around I will be tapering. The timing could not be better as I have too much time on my hands right now in good ole Kent.

I even planned a route today to take me from Kent-Columbus then back the next day. I plan on doing it next Tuesday and Wednesday

I am still working on that transition on back to normal. My eating habits are crazy enough for its own TLC show...no new news that my sleep is well almost nonexistant so I started back up on my 'night' rides! I feel safer in Kent in the summer than during the traditional school year.

Information on the Ohio RAAM Qualifer is now online as well. October 7-9 will be a fun weekend indeed

This weeks plan so far
Monday, July 11
Monday: 15mi 'night' ride + yoga
Tuesday: 7am-10pm 40miles with Andrea and Diana in CVNP + evening jaunt on the bicycle
Wednesday: UB lifting &  4pm-9pm-80miles commute to GGR workout then home
Thursday: ..depends
Friday: 11am ride 50miler ride with Cassie towards Alliance

Saturday is 331 racing's Vultures Knob MTB Enduro race starting at 1pm. Beforehand I will be at the Boston Store cheering on my girls at the Buckeye 50k!