Friday, July 8, 2011

New Direction

After devoting what seemed to be the last six months of my life to RAAM for training, fundraising, sending out so many Facebook blasts people blocked me from news feed (it's okay I might have too), conference calls, and so much more I did not know how what kind of impression I would have of endurance cycling.

Weeks later- and I don't think there is anything greater than it. I am more in love with cycling than ever before and ready for new challenges. So is Team Hope as we begin planning for 2012 RACE ACROSS AMERICA. No details yet but we will be coming back BIGGER, BETTER & UNCUT! (yep Southpark reference)

I will be focusing on endurance races for the remainder of the season following the TOV-Tour of the Valley and a few local MTB races. I will begin focusing on training for the Adirondack.

Adirondack is known for its solo 544mile 4-lap race on September 16-18.
They also have a 3-lap 408mi Gallop race which I plan to race. Option 2 Possibly joining one of my Team Hope teammates-Alex or Andre in a 2-person 544mi race,
The race takes place in NY around Lake Placid. The course profile screams torture and I cannot wait.

I will pass on most of cyclocross season.

In early November I will be up in T-City for Iceman.

Mid-November there is a RAAM Qualifier endurance race in Daytona Beach-highly doubt it but it got my attention when Andre mentioned it.

That's all folks.

I'll be out at the races but most likely just cheering you on.