Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Part Time Work Equal Full Time Fun

Well it's no secret I don't know how to sit still or really "take it easy". However after two months now of working part-time and one summer course behind me I am starting to get used to this lifestyle.

Today I planned this crazy route from Kent down to my future sister-in-law's place in Columbus. Sometimes it would be nice to actually GO somewhere when I have to put in a lot of miles. I like to explore and why not with 2 weekdays off in a row it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately with the hours of storms last night several roads that were apart of my route were closed due to water, construction, or I simply took a wrong turn. After an additional 25 miles onto a planned 180 mile route and only between Wooster and Canton by 10:30am-I had to call it a day to turn around. With three major reroutes, one wrong turn, dodging sand/gravel/rocks washed up from the storm, and almost riding onto the Waterloo East 224 ramp it was a taste of RAAM all over again.

 I wouldn't have made it down to Columbus till about 9pm if I actually stayed on pace. My parent's basement flooded too and well I had to go take care of that. Off to Strongsville I went! I gotta say I didn't exactly mind the change in route once I stopped at McD's for pancakes and a ice cone...Don't judge me.

Once in Strongsville -washed and dry on the kit before tackling the basement from hell..I even watched the full TDF today with an hour nap before hitting the road back to Kent today. My life is hard...I wasn't totally off on miles today either. Just under 130 miles today.

Heads up-I'm not sure how long Barr Rd has been under construction but I had an interesting ride on it before being to cut over to Snowville Rd on the way home.. Traffic was a little crazy with the Jimmy Buffet concert tonight. I don't think I've ever seen so many party buses in my life... I even met some cool people on the hike n bike on the way home.

Between now and mid-August I will do the planned Kent-Columbus route...Hopefully not solo this time. I will also buy a real map...By that I mean not one that has Ohio-WV...I couldn't read crap. Maybe I'll work on actually reading maps too...That would help I'm sure. If you want in-come join the cool kids and ride on the weekday....

Since well...I have another day off tomorrow....I think I might go down to Wooster from the Ville well that's just an idea. I was going to meet my mom in Amish country tomorrow via bike to buy cheese to my heart's desire. She's hooked on Amish made furniture so it works out well. If that doesn't happen I think I'll end up at Reagan Park for some much needed time on the mountain bike. It pathetic how little I have actually been on single track this season. I've hopped on the towpath quite a few times for some chill recovery rides but that just doesn't do it. Through in the next stage of the TDF and some chill time by the pool and its a good day.

Thursday I'll be off the bike but Friday-Sunday will be all kinds of fun. 250 miles. Moderate pace focusing on climbs, climbs, oh yeah and more climbs out of the CVNP. It'll be like my own version of the death ride. Cassie said she's in for some and Andre said he might join...It all starts Friday around 3pm. All repeat all weekend long! Sounds like fun right?

Okay so picture time. Alen snapped this one from the start of RAAM. I thought it was cool...George Thomas shaking Andre Husain's hand, Alex Galindo next to him, and I'm on the far left side with the bright sunglasses..