Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weather is Tricky Sometimes

TdF. Unless you live under rock you have seen/heard/talked about the Tour De France this year. I haven't watched this much television since recovering from an injury in the high school days...I am hooked.
Well today was the time trial stage. Good stuff. I'll leave it at that...I don't wanna spoil it

Weather is tricky sometimes. It changes things causing unforeseen events.

The 'plan' this week so to do back-to-back climbing days. Friday was supposed to be the warm-up but due to the weather, I switched Thursday and Friday workouts. My night running is improving. Once again by 4am I found myself awake and my legs stirring as I ran out into the darkness. There's something oddly peaceful about pitch black darkness. There is also no better way to wake up for work that begins at 6am.

Friday I bounced around town for odd end jobs but I found time of course for Christmas in July at the lovely Winking Lizard in Peninsula. I was told they were out of my beloved Christmas Ale...I went to meet up with some Grunt Girls but this was my motivation in stead of walking to my own fridge. Settled for a nice Belgium Ale in the end.

Saturday's weather/humidity totally and without a doubt kicked my arse. I got a later start than planned after the morning rain that passed by. Eventually I got out on the road. After 85-I had enough...I ended up doing some yardwork orginally planned on Monday to clear time for a quick ride possibly on Monday..Sunday will be the repeat and then some to ride hard when fatigued. I think the real challenge is mentally. Riding is always fun to me but some days I would rather be...sleeping...watching t.v. etc. So tomorrow well maybe one ear bud of music plus meeting up with Cassie and another dude for riding will help me find that motivation.

Next week I have an easier week....Throwing in some of my night runs too I'm sure
Monday I'll be in the gym
Tuesday toss up-Thorn MTB or easy ride on the west side through the parkway
Wednesday: Gym-MTB
Thursday: road ride
Friday: west side ride
Saturday: off
Sunday: evening ride