Monday, July 25, 2011

My Body Tells Me No

When you least expect it things turn around for the better. I guess I got enough fluids and rest after Saturday's ride and I was ready to tackle Sunday's ride...mentally. After a few miles of a spin warm-up, I wanted and knew I had to push it. If back-to-back centuries were easy-especially in the heat- people would do them all the time right?

So I listened to this: Young the Giant-My Body Tells Me No But I Don't Quit

Saturdays stats: 15+ major climbs in CVNP. I'll try to map it out later this week. I was ready to call it quits. Took a break...ran some errands. Then went back to redeem myself with a quick 15 more miles to steels corners and back. I was down and out for the count. 80.6mi + 15.2mi = 95.8 mi

Sunday: I got started riding at 9:50am. Took a break then met up with the guys around 11:15. Started strong with so-so legs then fatigue hit soon after.I slept in and met Cassie and Mike on the hike n bike as we went back through Kent then down to the out skirts of Hartville. We took Sandy Lake-Powermill-Summit eventually on the way home. We picked up the hike n bike at Judson to Truxell. Afterwards I made to Kent after a crazy route then went out to Lake Rockwell (northbound).  After I hit 85miles my legs wanted to quit. Anyway-I hit the magic 100 mark with 104mi for the day.

I had planned to stop at the Hartville Cafe. Like usual I was 'just a little lost'. On any major rides these days I plan them around really really good food...More motivation. Like riding to the Labella Cupcakes in Lakewood or Michael Symon's great creation of B Spot Burgers which has a location in Strongsville. In Berea, Tree Hugger's Cafe always has me coming back for more. I have family in North Canton...stopping at Country Cones down the street for the best ice cream creations and coney dogs plus a country ride down makes it worth it. Everyone needs a little extrinsic motivation...mine just happens to be food. If you end up going on a 70+ mi ride-you should be able to eat whatever you want!

Last Weeks Workout:
July 18 Mon-3mi night run +gym workout + 15mi bike
July 19 Tues-128-130mi attempted Columbus route turned Kent-Wooster (ish)-Sville-Kent
July 20 Wed-1hr at Reagan on MTB
July 21 Thurs-hills day Everett-Oak Hill-Ira-Everett-Oak Hill-Ira-Everett-DIED ON OAK HILL...40 ish-no computer..battery died
July 22 Fri-2mi night run
July 23 Sat-80 climbs + 15 easy
July 24 Sun 104mi

393mi on bike/5mi running/1 gym workout

Monday: Today's workout at the gym was at a much slower pace.
Total upper body lifting, and core...Throw in some yard work afterwards and well...not so much of a rest day. Tomorrow's ride I think will be easier than first planned.