Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Weekend Warrior

It was a busy weekend for a lot of friends and teammates this weekend!

The weekend started out strong with a pilot study performing a single leg protolcol in the lab Friday afternoon which I didn't think at first would be so challenging. I was walking like I had a stick up my &%% the rest of the day...

Saturday I went down to race myself. yeah. not a typo. in the women's state cx age group of 19-22. I gave myself a challenge after almost riding into a creek on a turn around a tree shortly after my second lap. To my surprise I finished without a major crash/fall/injury. It was a race within its self. The real race was the women's non-champ race with a granteed payout (aka gas $$) that was the real fun of the day. I will never be a front of the pack cyclcross racer and I'm cool with that. It's particularly entertaining though when there's a few of us women challenging eachother in the mid-to-back field :) Thanks to Ann and Jillan for some fun in the mud. You ladies really made me work and it was worth the drive to race ya!

For a number of reasons including...waking up early, brake light on in my car, gas money, 4 hours driving and the laundry lists of excuses continues I decided to early semi-local (30 minutes) and race Sunday at Euclid, part of the NEO CX Series. More fun in the mud and switched to the MTB after 1 interested lap.
Thanks to Mike for letting me borrow a Great Race Nutrition bottle to wash out the mud I ah swallowed.

Hope y'all had fun doing whatever you do.

Next up..Halloween CYCLOCROSS
I'll add some pictures soon of this past weekends events.