Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Iceman Awesomenss

I had heard about the great Iceman Cometh mountain bike race in the past so when registration opened this past March, I jumped on the opportunity to have a little fun in Trasverse City, Michigan and took a risk on the possible weather outcomes this past weekend.

Everything was awesome. The weather couldn't have been better *though I should have dressed lighter* and well they just do it up bigger in Michigan. I haven't had the best experiences mountain biking off and on this season but after pre-riding the course on Friday but afterwards I was even more stoked to race Saturday. You could have seriously raced a cyclocross bike on this course.

The weekend was even better going up with Rick and Melissa, then catching up with teammates Pam, Nancy, and Jeff post-race. Emily-sorry I missed you when you shouted on Friday-wish I had looked at my phone sooner :) Long story short, this is one race that is on the calendar for next year.

This Monday began the end of off-season and back to conditioning...
Tuesday-park riding at Ray's
Wednesday-spin class

Difficult to tell-but I'm eating mac n' cheese on the left, rick, melissa, then Jeff on the right. Good time everybody.